How long is a short story?

Trying to work out some process for my (now) anthology of my historical fiction works based on the immigration journeys, and very early life in Australia, of my ancestors, I needed to work out just how long I could get away with for a short story. The way I put the work together relies on... Continue Reading →

What about young Edward?

I tend to feel a little sorry for Edward, the son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. He never knew his mother and his father died when he was only nine years old. And although he was king of England and Ireland, he never actually ruled in his own right: he died when he was only... Continue Reading →

More organisational stuff

Okay - I'm starting to get this organisational stuff done. I am happy to report that, except for a few little glitches called 'that is life', the diary schedules are working well. I have my Monday and Wednesday post themes started, and come Friday the first Friday themed post will appear. Fridays will be dedicated... Continue Reading →

Interesting Tudor Links

Ok - time to add to the blog organisation. Thought I would make Wednesday the day I share great links that I have found that are not necessarily related to what I'm writing: just stuff I like. Today I thought I would treat you to some great Tudor links. I love Tudor history! So many... Continue Reading →

Step One: Love your stationery

Since I retired from teaching, one of the silly things I have really missed is stationery. Sad, I know. But I love stationery. And, if you want to be organised in your writing life, you could do worse than develop a love for it Let's dispense with the 'goes without saying' stuff first: pens (in... Continue Reading →

Here’s to an organised 2018!

Okay - going out on a limb here. I'm actually going to try and be a little systematic and organised with my writing, particularly blogging, this year. Last year was really about finding my feet on more solid ground. This year I want to cement myself into the writing world. And to do that, I... Continue Reading →

25 Songs of Christmas #2 Silent Night

I love Silent Night …


Silent night. Is it ever? It certainly wasn’t on the night Jesus was born. Upstairs in the “inn” there would have been multiple families all crowded together, sweaty, smelly, and loud. The “barn” in the back would have housed all the beasts of burden who carried those families and their travel gear to Bethlehem for this tax season. Outside a multitude of armies of angels are shouting out praises to a group of sheep ranchers scared out of their minds. Just up the hill in Bethlehem King Herod is sharpening his swords while waiting eagerly for the “wise guys” to bring back word of this newborn king. Nothing is quiet.

Christmas Eve wasn’t ever quiet in my house growing up either. I was the second of eight kids and if ever we were a rowdy bunch it was on Christmas Eve. We had a Christmas Eve candle light church service…

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One week until Christmas Eve …

This time next week it will be Christmas Eve. Hopefully, you will all be looking forward to family festivities, whatever form they take for your family. For the first time ever, we will wake up on Christmas morning just the two of us. Children will be over for lunch though - so all is well.... Continue Reading →

Convict Women

I did a bit of sorting today and came across another old essay from university: HIST101 - Foundations of Australian Society. In it, we had to analyse the statement by historian Deborah Oxley and use specific evidence from Babette Smith's A Cargo of Women to support or refute it. This is, by no means, a comprehensive... Continue Reading →

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