Play with Words

I might have a bit of fun today with some words. We constantly take our language for granted: why wouldn't we when we use it every day? I like the idea of knowing where words come from, what they really mean - and bringing back words that are seldom used but are so delicious! So... Continue Reading →

Pre-order Now!!!!!

I am sooooo excited! Heart of a Child eBook is now ready for pre-order so you can get it when it is released on 24th March!!! This is where you will find it: 'Heart of a Child' eBook from Amazon. Although this link is for the US Amazon site, it does provide the link to the Australian site... Continue Reading →

Back on the horse

Well - the wheels fell off completely. I got totally swamped with all sorts of stuff and completely dropped the writing ball. I've already beaten myself up over it. But now it is time to analyse and do something about it. Firstly, there was Bindi's operation. Poor little poppet! She is recovering remarkably well according... Continue Reading →

Organisational Fail

Well, it happened. I knew it would happen. Not happy it happened. My organisational plan has had its first major failure. I missed my blog entry last Friday. So, I guess the first step is to work out why. Not excuses, but reasons. If I can't work out why it happened, I may not be... Continue Reading →

Time for a dose of Black Death

I'm really under the hammer at the moment so when I realised that it was Wednesday I almost panicked. What to share, what to share? It's a damp day here today - so what better than stuff on the plague! A great site to start with is Black Death: Facts and Summary from the History channel... Continue Reading →

More elimination – for now

Organisation day again. Although I am far better organised now, and I have eliminated some things, I have still found myself struggling to fit everything in. And I don't want to give any of it up - so what to do? Reluctantly, I have decided to, for now at least, put competitions on the back... Continue Reading →

Australia: My Country!

I could not let Australia Day go by without a post. And, for me, it still sticks with my Friday 'plan' - because I write what I write because of who I am and where I live. Firstly, let's get the elephant out of the room. There is a lot of controversy at the moment... Continue Reading →

If it doesn’t work, ditch it!

The organisation quest continues. One of my organisation goals was to increase my 'followers' on this blog and social media. But I found that I was spending a LOT of time concentrating on how to do that and not on what the whole idea was: constructive writing. So I have decided to give it a... Continue Reading →

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