Short and sweet today

Been flat out like a lizard drinking lately! But I did manage to read this story from Greg Manuel The Twilight Man - it was so wonderful I just had to share it. Cheers Kerry

11 Striking Images from England’s Past

As a writer, I know that a thousand words are sooo important. But, even I have to admit, that sometimes a picture can tell a thousand words.

Heritage Calling

Choosing 300 images for Picturing England, a book featuring photographs from our Archive, was both a joy and a torment. It was a joy because my colleagues in the Archive unearthed so many fascinating and unfamiliar pictures from our holdings and a torment because we had to leave out so many wonderful photographs.

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Woman’s lover kills husband with axe! William Lucy,his wife Margaret and the king.

The HIstory Jar: always an interesting read

The History Jar

margaret lucyBy 1460 rivalries between Richard of York and Henry VI’s favourites had descended from political hostility into open warfare.  Having fled to Calais in 1459 in the aftermath of the Ludford Bridge disaster, the earl of Warwick, his father the earl of Salisbury, his uncle Lord Fauconberg and his cousin Edward earl of March arrived back in England at Sandwich with 2,000 men in June 1460. Their numbers snowballed.  The city of London fell to the Yorkists with only the Tower of London remaining in Lancastrian hands.

The Lancastrians moved out of their stronghold at Coventry intent upon confronting the gathering white rose host whilst the Yorkists came north with their artillery along Watling Street.  Jean de Waurin, the  Burgundian chronicler, explained that the Lancastrian army awaited their foes outside Northampton, in a park by a little river (the Nene).  The English Chronicle identified the battle as taking place between…

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The journey to the gallows

Between 1571 and 1783, over 1000 people, predominantly men, were executed at Tyburn. During the same period, there were also executions at Smithfield and Tower Hill. Imagine what it would be like to be taking the journey to the gallows: crowds jeering - sometimes numbering as many as 30,000, all manner of insults and objects being... Continue Reading →

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