Parramatta Female Factory: we need it!

I envy those countries where the leaders and decision-makers value their heritage and history. Unfortunately, Australia does not fall into that category. The Parramatta Female Factory, where so many of our female ancestors started their colonial life, was in serious danger of being turned over to developers. It appears to have had a reprieve, but... Continue Reading →

November: ‘Blood Month’

I thought I would share this wonderful article with you: Seemed appropriate, since NaNoWriMo is quite gruelling, if not, shall we say, bloody. I'm so busy with NaNo that the idea of writing a full blog post was a little daunting. So here it is - Blōtmōnað - Blood Month Cheers Kerry

We will remember them

At 11am on the 11th November, 1918, the gun fire ceased on the Western Front. The war that was supposed to end all wars was finally over after four years of destruction and loss of human life. According to the Australian War Memorial, World War One "... had brought about the mobilisation of over 70... Continue Reading →

What to do about that hair!

You know when sometimes you come across information that you just have to share: this is one of those occasions. Women (and some men) are constantly looking for easy ways to get rid of unwanted body hair - usually from their faces as they grow older! But, of course, there are other - let's say... Continue Reading →

Heart of a child

Busy, busy, busy with NaNoWriMo but had to take the time out for the big announcement: I will have two stories in the upcoming anthology from Authors' Tale! The two stories are Tell Us a Story, Pa and Goodnight - and God Be With You All. Very proud to have been selected for this wonderful anthology and... Continue Reading →

Have a gander at this, mate!

I started working on my novel yesterday for NaNoWriMo and I wanted to check about the use of the Australian vernacular to use in a conversation that confuses an Englishman. I came across this great site: Australian slang - a story of Australian English It didn't quite answer my question, but I did get a... Continue Reading →

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