Heart of a Child 2Anthology: Heart of a Child, publlished in March 2018.

“Whether you want to take a trip through time, go on an adventure in your back yard, or feel a burst of excitement only to return to an adult reality, each story has something for every reader who wants to feel like a child or be part of a life many children have led before.

This … anthology features many stories about young hearts and some written for young-at-hearts. These tales will make any reader feel nostalgic or even open their eyes to something they never considered—something that will challenge their view of what childhood can really be like.”

I have two stories in this: ‘Tell Us a Story, Pa’ and ‘Goodnight – and God be with you all. These are my first two published stories.

Click here to take to Amazon, where you can purchase a paperback OR Kindle edition. All profits go to the charity Children of the Nations.

Anthology: Ink Dreams – coming soon! Ink Dreams

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