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Thursday Thoughts: Book Review of ‘Levi’ by Edith MacKenzie

Levi is a romance, set on a ranch in America. Forgive me for not remembering the exact location: when I started reading, I didn’t intend to write a review, so I didn’t take notes. And I was also on holiday – so I was just chillin’ with a book. As you may be aware, my genres of preference for both writing and reading are historical fiction, paranormal and non-fiction. Never really been a romance reader – but Levi may just have changed my mind.

Now, I could try to give you a synopsis. But I thought I would cut to the chase and give it to you in the author, Edith MacKenzie’s words:

She doesn’t like anything about him. Well, maybe a few things…

English aristocrat Bella Orstwell thought helping get her abusive Russian mafia boyfriend arrested would be the end her troubles. It isn’t. Because even though she’s been whisked off to parts unknown to hide out until the trial, she now has to pretend to be the housekeeper to the Delaney Brothers and nanny to their kid sister. And then there’s Levi, one gorgeous bully of a cowboy tasked with protecting her. He might be in charge of her safety, but if he thinks she’s going to follow his every order without question, he’s in for a rude awakening…

Levi Delaney does not need a babysitting gig. Helping raise his orphaned kid sister and running the ranch with his brothers keeps him plenty busy. But an ex-Navy SEAL never turns down a call from an old friend—which is how he found himself in charge of keeping the annoyingly lovely Bella safe. Now, if only he could find a way to keep her quiet that didn’t involve kissing her—or falling for her…

Bella is shaping up to be a real pain in Levi’s behind, not the least the way his brothers keep falling over themselves when she’s around. But he gave his word that he’d keep her safe and that’s exactly what he plans to do. One small problem, the more she fights him, the more he finds her getting under his skin.

After the trauma of Dmitri, Bella just wants to survive, but is that enough? There’s something about her wounded hero that makes her want to heal him. Not that he wants to let anyone in close enough to do that. But he hasn’t dealt with her before.

Can these polar opposites overcome the demons of their pasts and find common ground on the road to happily ever after? Only if he can keep her alive that long…

Edith MacKenzie, Amazon Australia

The Amazon page sums it up perfectly: Levi: A clean and wholesome wounded hero cowboy romance (The Brothers of Creekside Ranch Book 1). I thought I’d give it a burl when I saw it mentioned on a Facebook horse-riding group I’m in. And I’m glad I did. Despite my doubts, I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so, that I’ve just purchased the second book in the series, Amos.

While I admit, historical and paranormal will always be my favourite genres, I am certainly much more open to romance novels now in the right time and place. Edith MacKenzie’s Amos is sitting in my pile of ‘to read’ books – along with a non-fiction on historical ailments, a non-fiction on the life of a spiritual medium, and a historical fiction. And I can’t wait to read them all!

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