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Book Review: The Truth About Elves

  • Book Title: The Truth About Elves
  • Author: Ekta R Garg
  • Publication: 2021
  • Publication House: Atmosphere Press

I finished reading this delightful book a couple of days ago and, given that it has Christmas elves in it, I thought I might review it closer to Christmas. But then I figured ‘why keep this gem from the people?’

This delightful but heartfelt tale revolves around Curtis, a barman from Las Vegas. But things are not as they seem as the story unfolds, with the astute Mr C helping him come to terms with the darkest day in his life. Garg entwines flashback beautifully, showing the heartbreak that Curtis needs to deal with if he is to live his best life.

The Truth About Elves is suitable for Young Adults and more mature ones alike. And the touch of magic involved adds some special sparkle that we can all benefit from.

Do yourself a favour and read this book – if not now, at Christmas. Available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon, paperback from Booktopia, and many other places where good books are sold.



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