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So – just how long should a blog be?

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I know that so many beginning bloggers want the answer to this one. How short is too short? How long is too long? So I thought now was a good time to have a bit of a look at it for myself.

According to Hook Agency, ‘[t]he best blog length for SEO in 2021 is 1,769 to 2,400 words’. HubSpot is saying ‘2,100 to 2,400’. What? I don’t think any of my posts are that long. And I don’t know how often I read a post that is that long to be honest. Might explain why I have increased my following that way that I would like to thought.

The Write Practice has a wonderful guideline set out for what length is good for what purpose:

  • 75-300 words – great if you want a discussion-based post with lots of comments – not so good for SEO though.
  • 300-600 words – good for both social shares and comments. Again, not so good for SEO.
  • 750 words – good for shares on social media and other blogger’s pages
  • 1000-1500 words – usually fewer comments but more shares
  • 2,450 words+ – Google’s favourite blog length.
Image by Isi Dixon from Pixabay

This post from The Write Practice is well worth reading. (Actually, it’s a pretty good blog to follow).

I am beginning to think that the ideal blog length is in the eye of the beholder. Well – that’s probably too simple. But, as pointed out by Jessica Foster in ‘How Long Should a Blog Post Be? – The “Ideal” Length for SEO [Updated 2020]’, it often depends of target audience and intended purpose. Foster also suggests market research to discover what your readers want. But, of course, that requires email addresses. So I guess that is my next job – email list.

Just for the record – this post is way too short for anything but a discussion post. So please feel free to discuss. I think everyone can benefit from some guidance in blog post length.



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  1. Mine have always been all over the place but I have never given myself a limit or a minimum. For many years I never hit 2000 words but once I broke that ceiling I shattered it and now my longest post (by far) is over 4000 words. Most of mine lately have been in that sweet spot of 1,700 – 2,400 that you mentioned but I still feel like they tend to be too long, but that I don’t care 🙂 Thanks for writing, this was interesting!!

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