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Thoughts for Thursday – How many blogs in a week?

Tearing my hair out is not a good look. But that is essentially what I am doing since I committed to posting twice per week. So – just how often do I need to blog to be effective? (I am seriously hoping that the answer is one a week).

Michael Brenner on the Marketing Insider Group page maintains that research has indicated that 2 to 4 times a week is best to provide the results of more traffic to your blog. Damn! That is not what I wanted to hear – particularly when couple with the word count blog I wrote on Monday.

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Kayla Carmichael on Hubspot has offered me more hope. She suggests that, for smaller companies (substitute indie authors), the number of posts range from 1 to 4. Kayla rightfully considers that, for small organisations (substitute one person), forcing a larger amount of posts than is comfortable may (I would suggest will) result is posts that are substandard due to burnout. I would add to this that posting more than is comfortable for you will also mean that the time you could be spending on whatever you main ‘product’ is – in my case, writing – is spent scraping for both time and topics for your blog. Of course, the article is much more detailed and I recommend you read it – if you have time.

Neil Patel supports the theory that, for some businesses or operations, quality is more important and quantity. BlogTyrant appears to hold the same opinion. Both blogs contain more detail that you can access.

But the bottom line for me is:

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is the key to blog frequency. There is no point posting lots of rubbish. Concentrate on good, interesting posts and a level of frequency that you can manage happily.

With that in mind, Blog Goal 1 from Experimenting with the Blog 3 has been re-evaluated. My aim is now one quality post per week. Any more are a bonus.

Now I’m off to actually do some novel writing!



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