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Thoughts for Thursday

Okay – blog progress time.

My first goal was simple in theory but requires perseverance:

Star days!

Specific: Post twice per week: one a little short one, one a bit more substantial.

Measurable: Starting in the first week of February, I will be posting twice per week. (Monday and Thursday – unless something significant occurs that changes one of those days).

My post ‘Experimenting with the blog 3: Blog Goals‘, 28th January 2021

Well – so far, so good.

  • First week in February, two posts.

It will take a month or so to make sure I’m in the right pattern but seems positive.

My second goal was:

Specific: Think of a catchy name for one type of blog by the start of February.

My post ‘Experimenting with the blog 3: Blog Goals‘, 28th January 2021
Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

The result is above as the title of the post: Thoughts for Thursday. It started as Thought Thursday but there was something about it I just didn’t like.

I thought this was perfect for my shorter post. It allows me to post things like quotes that resonate with my writing, steps forward/backward in the writing process – any ‘thought’ that seems appropriate for a writing/reading, history and paranormal blog.

The next part of the same goal was how I was going to measure it.

Measurable: A post written (not necessarily published) under the catchy title.

My post ‘Experimenting with the blog 3: Blog Goals’, 28th January 2021

And that was completed on 29th January 2021 – but it was a Friday, so I had to schedule.

But I’m very happy with Goal 3:

Specific: Organise a guest poster by end of February.

Measurable: I will have the guest poster named, with a date set, by the end of February.

Ekta Garg

And I’ve nailed it!

And waiting to hear back from a few more!

Quite pleased with myself actually.



Featured Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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