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Experimenting with the blog 2

Time for the next exercise in my course.

This time, I need to write my first blog – which is not possible of course. The alternative is to review your progress and think about your goals.

Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

What have I accomplished with the blog?

Well, to be honest – it depends what day you ask me.

Some days, I wonder why the hell I bother. Does anyone actually read my blog much? I was hoping to have more followers by now – which makes me wonder if I am doing it right anyway.

Other days I get frustrated: what the hell am I going to write about; ‘I could be working on my story instead’; why does it take me so long – for not much reward?

And there are the days when I realise that:

  • Writing is writing – so it is all practising my craft
  • I do have followers, which is a feat in itself
  • I have learnt some wonderful things along the way, either by researching for a particular blog or by simply ‘doing’ stuff on it

Where to from here?

So – where to from here?

  • I want to make my blog something that people will want to visit and read.
  • I want to be able to support others, particularly writers, in their endeavours
  • I hope that people will learn from my blog from time to time.
  • I want to share my love of history, paranormal, writing and words with others.
  • I want to get into writing reviews for all sorts of books – short reviews, but reviews none-the-less.

So there – I think I’ve actually learnt something about myself as well as blogging!



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