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Tudor History Never Disappoints

Going to be a bit lazy with today’s post. I subscribe to some wonderful history sites and I would like to share them with you – with the emphasis on Tudor history.


Not the right time period – but you get the picture

Firstly, from Claire Ridgway, we have some very informative YouTube videos on Tudor times called On This Day in Tudor History. The actual video I am sharing with you is called February 7 – A joust, unrequited love and a nasty accident. This is just one of many informative videos from Claire and, if you are interested in the Tudors at all, I suggest you subscribe to her YouTube channel.



Another gem of a resource from Claire Ridgway is her page called The Anne Boleyn Files. 80I have subscribed to this site for years and it is yet to disappoint.

History Extra by the BBC is another source of not only Tudor material but many different periods.

One blog that I have just discovered is The Tudor Blog by Kristian. There is also a useful list of Tudor related sites on the landing page, which is always good to have.




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