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Ink Dreams is coming!

Picture for BlogThe long-awaited release of the new anthology from Authors Tale – Ink Dreams – is nearly here. I am so excited for my two latest stories to be published.

Where Dreams Die promo

The historical fiction I am having published in Ink Dreams is ‘Where Dreams Die’. I’m really proud of this one, and it was chosen to be one of the featured stories in the anthology. It’s about a girl who wants to write something authentic, with an element of revenge – but takes it a little too far.

Follow the Light promo

I am equally proud of the second story in the anthology – Follow the Light. It’s my first foray into the world of writing paranormal. I had a lot of rewrites on this one but I am pleased with the end result. Magda is guided by dreams to help lost souls.

Ink Dreams will be available on Amazon on April 6th (US time). Stay tuned for a link to be able to purchase it. Also, keep your eye out for an invitation to the Facebook launch party invitation, where I will be giving away a copy of Heart of a Child (the 2018 anthology) Heart of a Child 70AND a copy of Ink Dreams. Ink Dreams




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  1. I absolutely loved Where Dreams Die! It’s easily my favorite story in the anthology. Beautifully written, full of history and color and emotion, and it really puts you right into the character. Fantastic writing! Can’t wait till this one is finally out so I can put it on my shelf with the others. 🙂


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