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Slowly, slowly

Really struggling at the moment with my writing. 

Sort of.

It’s hard to explain really. The more I edit, the more description and words I add to my novel, New Lives Across the Ocean. Which is good. I can see it gaining depth and detail. That will allow my readers to identify more fully with both Harriett and Tom, which I want.

The problem is this: I had been hoping to have it finished by June, July at the latest. And I just can’t see that happening now. And I’m a bit devastated.

To make things more complicated, its time for me to begin working on the next stories – or stories – for submission for an anthology next year. I’ve never contemplated not doing it. The anthologies are an important part of my development as a writer. So I will definitely be writing for it. But that also means that, if I don’t get in, I have taken time away from my novel for no real purpose except writing practice and great feedback on those particular pieces. Which, of course, is well worth it – but at the expense of my novel.

I got some more alpha feedback on my later chapters, so I’ve been working on those so that when the remaining beta reader gets to it, she has the changes. So I have been writing all over the shop. I was feeling like I hadn’t done much – but now that I am getting all this written down, I can see that I have actually done more than I think I have. That is good – very good. I knew I had to catch up on my blog for a reason!

Okay – so I might also talk a bit about the research I need to do for my new short story. I want to centre it around tarot. And Irish travellers. Not now necessarily, but in the past. I won’t really know until I get the research done and I get started. But I’m excited by the prospect of combining history and paranormal. And, of course, I’m always interested to research Irish history.

The upshot is, I guess, that I have actually made some progress on my writing. Phew! I was a bit concerned.



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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have to completely rewrite the story that was supposed to be my novel, and now I don’t even know the plot anymore. My progress is effectively halted. And I haven’t even considered what short story I might write for the anthology. It’s a struggle. You wrote an amazing paranormal for the last anthology though, so I can’t wait to see what you write this year! I bet you’ll be much more productive this year than you think. 🙂


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