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Changed my mind – again. Plus a couple of new writing experiences.

Right – changed my mind again about chapter names. So much of the beginning of the novel happens in January 1883. But it looks really stupid calling four chapters ‘Chapter whatever – January 1883’. So, after all that, I’ve gone back to simply Chapter One, Chapter Two etc.

word-cloud-3269304_640And of course, now that I have expanded the story, I need to do more research, particularly on the siblings. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get this down pat. The danger is getting sick of it, as well as losing confidence it what I have done. 

Then I figured I had better make sure that I wasn’t just writing a family history: it has to be a family saga that people will want to read. So what is the actual definition of a family saga? After much research, I found a great little site showing aspects of the family saga and epic. Might need to go back over what I have done to make sure the plot is tight.

Now I have an appointment with an editor who used to work for a big publishing house to revise the first fifteen pages of New Life Across the Ocean. It’s part of a mentoring (for want of a better word) process with Writing NSW. I need to submit the first fifteen pages (up to 4000 words), along with a 300-word synopsis and a writing CV – including goals for the submitted manuscript. No biggie, right. I was wrong.

A link was provided to help with the synopsis. Didn’t help. Thank God for the lovely Crystal MM Burton who sent me a more detailed link that was helpful for novice me to write my synopsis. So I eventually got that done.

Now, I have written a lot of CVs in my time. Author CV – shouldn’t be a problem. Got the cv-3726428_640document set up to write it – blank mind. What do I need to put in a writing CV? Better hit Google. I found what seems to be a good site to help (as if I would know – but hey!)

It seems the more I do – the more I have to do. Oh well – could be worse. I may not have anything to say at all.




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