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Decisions, Decisons – arrrggh!

Just finished editing Chapter One – or have I?

Firstly, I think I’ve changed my mind about the chapter – it is now waaaay too long. But it all happens in a short space of time. But, you know what – I know that most people would prefer a shorter rather than a longer chapter. So I made all the chapters shorter but added storyline: Chapter One – 1883; Chapter Two – 1883 etc. etc.

So Chapter One is now five chapters! Much more detail too. I think I’ve given readers much more insight into the characters and their relationships. My only concern is that my two Beta readers have both already done Chapter 1 – so the additional stuff is untested. Might see is one of my alphas will take another look at it …

Here’s a little look at the town where the novel starts: Wigginton, Staffordshire.




Chapter Five talks a lot about St. Editha’s Church of England. I don’t know if it was the church of the Wildings and the Thompson’s – but it’s in the right area. And it looks like such a beautiful church I just had to use it. 



Secondly – I’m in a real flap about what to call my novel. It started as New Life Across the Ocean. Then another possibility – Passage to a New Life – came into the picture. And this morning in the shower I thought of a brilliant one – but can I remember it? No, I can not!



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