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Ok – time to add to the blog organisation. Thought I would make Wednesday the day I share great links that I have found that are not necessarily related to what I’m writing: just stuff I like.

Today I thought I would treat you to some great Tudor links. I love Tudor history! So many stories out there, both correct and incorrect. And it was a brief two week stint learning about Henry VIII in Year 8 at school. From that moment, what was an interest in the past became a love and a major desire to go to visit all of the places the Tudors lived – and died. Didn’t quite get to all of the places I wanted, but I certainly loved London, tower of London and Hampton Court when we visited in 2004.

So – here we go!

The Tudor reign began in earnest with the 1485 victory by Henry Tudor at the Battle of Bosworth Field. This is an easy-to-follow summary of the War of the Roses that ended with the Battle of Bosworth Field.

So who is Henry Tudor? Here is a concise summary of Henry VII, who is the father of Henry VIII.

A nice little summary here on Henry VIII from BBC History. So much out there on him: will definitely get some more links to share.

We all know about the tragic Catherine of Aragon. Once again, the BBC has given us a great run-down on her.

One of the most followed and fascinating characters from the reign of Henry VIII was his second wife, the fated Anne Boleyn. Hayley Nolan gives and interesting tour of, believe it or not, the roof of Hever Castle, the home of the Boleyn family. Of course, you get to see the climb up as well as the view from the stop. Hayley is very informative – worth a watch. Now, although not a forensic reconstruction, this Emily Pooley’s reconstruction of the face of Anne Boleyn is certainly stunning! I found this on the Facebook page for Henry VIII: the Man Behind the Myths. I much prefer it to the paintings of her: makes much more sense why Henry would ditch his wife for his face!

Jane Seymour: some say that, had she lived, Jane would have been Henry’s last wife. Unfortunately, she died as a result of giving Henry his longed-for son.

And of course, we can’t forget Catherine Howard! I want to do a lot more research on her. I suspect she may have been the most poorly treated of all his wives.

Henry VIII’s last wife, Catherine Parr. Often credited with being the smartest of his wives, in that she managed him in his final, very cranky days.

Henry’s children: Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. Although Elizabeth became one of the greatest monarchs England has seen, I think that all three children had tragic lives. An interesting legacy of their mothers’ tragic lives with their father perhaps?






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