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Okay – I’m starting to get this organisational stuff done.

IMG_1922I am happy to report that, except for a few little glitches called ‘that is life’, the diary schedules are working well. I have my Monday and Wednesday post themes started, and come Friday the first Friday themed post will appear.

Fridays will be dedicated to writing: either advice or about my own writing. I figured it would beIMG_1921 amiss of me to neglect the whole purpose of the blog and why I am doing it, which of course, is not only writing but sharing it. The writing advise will, largely, be coming from others. I don’t really know enough at this stage to be telling you guys what to do as such. But I can share anything advise I have been given that I have found to work, or that may interest you. 

2017-10-29And I think I have organised a couple of things that I want to concentrate on writing wise as well – but you will have to wait for a Friday post for that! What I will tell you , though, is that I think that I will be writing in two genres under two slightly different names: Kerry A Waight for historical fiction and Kerriann Waight for paranormal. I’m still trying to work out how to manage that in terms of Facebook, Twitter and my web page, but this is all part of the organisational process.halloween-1784568_1920

I am also happy to report that I am starting to get a handle on both GoogleDocs AND Office 365, so that I will not be limited to how and when I write. It will certainly add to my opportunities – and it means I can take my writing outside on a beautiful day!



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  1. I’ve been doing a lot of organizational things, too. It feels good to be organized like things are getting accomplished. If you are getting Google Docs, have you advanced to Google Sheets?


    1. I used Google Dcos for alpha and beta readers – but Miscrosoft 365 Word for writing on. I dont know why: I guess I am just trying to decide which one I like best. Google sheets? Is that like excel?


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