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Another short story available on Amazon

Goodnight-And God Be With You All

I’m so excited to announce that Goodnight-and God Be With You All has now been released for sale in its own right on Amazon!

Another story previously published in the anthology Heart of a Child, this one is close to my heart. Inspired by the song ‘The Parting Glass’, it is set during the Eleven Years War (1641-1653) in Ireland (Cogadh na hAon Bhliana Déag), the McNamara boys join the Catholic rebels to regain their lands and religious freedom. The younger of the two, Pádraig, is wounded by the Protestant Scottish settler in possession of the McNamara land—the father of the girl he loves.

While bedridden, Pádraig decides to add his own verses to a poem that his dead father often recited to the family when he was a young boy, with references to his own life.

Same as with Tell Us a Story, Pa, I did a little revision and tweaking of Goodnight—And God Be With You All. Many thanks to my formatter Crystal MM Burton and my cover designer Piper Ellen Designs.

If you don’t have a copy of Heart of a Child, here are links to the Kindle/eBook version of Goodnight—And God Be With You All. Amazon Australia, Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada. Of course, if you are located in countries other than these four, you can use your usual Amazon site.

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