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Victorian Superstitions

A very comprehensive list

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I had stated it before but the Victorian era was really all about death.  They dealt with it, they lived with it, and they mourned it.  They were professional mourners and purveyors of all things to do with the dying experience.  With this means that most of their superstitions revolved around death and they were a superstitious lot.  My father is rather superstitious and my mother as well.  You know, no opening an umbrella in the house, don’t walk under a ladder, and don’t you dare break a mirror.  Yes, I come from a superstitious family and yet I don’t believe in a single one of them.  Here are some from the Victorian era, do you still practice some of these?

–          If the deceased has lived a good life, flowers would bloom on his grave; but if he has been evil, only weeds would grow.
–          If several deaths occur in…

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