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What Type of Reader Are You?

I have never really thought about this

Spellbound Librarian

Everyone seems to have their own unique style of reading, so I thought it would be fun to compile a list of some of the different ‘types’ of readers I know!

The Hermit

Once this readers starts a book they will retreat into their reading cave. You will not see this reader again until the book has been finished. Although in rare instances this reader might be spotted while darting out of their cave to gather food.

The Commuter

This type of reader thinks ahead and they are always prepared with reading material. They are ready to fill their daily commutes with their current book obsession. Free time is reading time.

A Book for Every Room

While some of us might balk at the thought of reading multiple books at once, some readers embrace the challenge. So much so that the more veracious readers of this type will have a…

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