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I might have a bit of fun today with some words. We constantly take our language for granted: why wouldn’t we when we use it every day? I like the idea of knowing where words come from, what they really mean – and bringing back words that are seldom used but are so delicious!

So let’s start with ‘[Six] Common Sayings That Mean the Opposite of What You Think by Lisa Douglas. As one of the misquotes say, the devil is in the detail – or more correctly, God is in the detail. I haven’t checked this for accuracy, but it certainly is a great read.

Next cab off the rank (I wonder where that saying came from?) is 20 Awesome Historical Words We Should Bring Back from The Vintage News Facebook page, with some lovely historical music to accompany them.

And how can I go without leaving you with 25 of the Best Old Pirate Words We Should Be Using, also from The Vintage News Facebook page – complete with music! What joy!

If anyone has others to share, please do! I firmly believe that the more a writer exposes themselves to words, the better they are equipped to write.



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