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Here’s to an organised 2018!

Okay – going out on a limb here. I’m actually going to try and be a little systematic and organised with my writing, particularly blogging, this year. Last year was really about finding my feet on more solid ground. This year I want to cement myself into the writing world. And to do that, I have decided, I need to be more organised.

Now the big question is: how do I do that? Research and find out how others have done it, of course!

First page I came across was a blog by Melissa Donovan called ‘How to Organize Your Writing Projects‘. Could I be that lucky that the first thing I found was perfect. Yes – yes I could be that lucky. While it didn’t help me much with scheduling, it sure gave me some great ideas about organising the actual work – and, at this stage, I am sorely in need of doing that. And, as a bonus, there is a heap of other good stuff on her blog Writing ForwardThink I might just be spending some time reading her blog this year … especially since, before moving on, I found something a little closer to what I was looking for: ‘How to Prioritize Your Writing Ideas.’ Not quite what I wanted, but still handy and close.

Found a little gem that I was not expecting: How to create a writing schedule in Excel. Never really thought of getting this organised, but I certainly wouldn’t discount it. Might use it slightly differently though: maybe to keep track of just how many words I write etc. Umm … might be tomorrow’s job .

Maybe I needed something specific to blogs. Found a really good but a bit scary blog called ‘8 Must-Have Ingredients of a Successful Blog Post‘ by Neil Patel. It didn’t really answer my questions about organising, but it did manage to point out to me that I need to look really hard at my posts. Yet another job for the list …

And, of course, I came across several articles/blogs that were telling me all the same things. Which, I must admit, was not surprising. And, I must admit also, I got a bit sick of looking.

Solution: I will write it myself! First step in organising myself for writing (well, I have actually already started – but I will put those in the next Monday blog) will be the decision that Mondays, until further notice, will be about the organisational process of writing. There is more to it than I thought, and hopefully I can help a few of you on the way.



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