“I must schedule my writing. I must schedule my writing …”

“If you love it, why do you have to plan it? Or make yourself do it?” Hands up all writers who have heard this – except from other writers. And, sadly, I don’t have an answer for it. Because I do love it. But, sometimes, I find myself at the end of a day – or week – without having written a word.

And I think, for me, the answer is that life gets in the way. And because writing is my ‘hobby’, it takes 54th place to everything else. This is where I think NaNoWriMo was good for me: I did manage to fit everything in, while still writing 50,000 words. But it was hectic – too hectic to maintain all year round. So I guess the idea is to find the happy medium.

Came across a great post this morning by Nils Ödlund about what he does to get writing. Some great, common sense ideas, like setting your time for writing so it is ‘in your schedule’ and making yourself accountable by telling your friends you are writing and, hopefully, they will ask about it – making you more inclined to have something to tell them. Here is the link to his post – worth a read, if only to remind yourself of what you already know.

I think the secret is to find what works for you. Easier said than done. But I know I need to put the writing priority higher up my list – simply because I do love it.



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