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Edward the Confessor

Research is well underway for my NaNoWriMo anthology Stories of then: Medieval Times. The first story starts with the death of Edward the Confessor on 5th January, 1066 (although the calendar has changed since then). So, while he is not a prominent feature of this tale, it is necessary for me to know him a little.

  • He was born around 1003
  • Came to the English throne in 1042 after numerous other kings between himself and his father, King Aethelred (‘the Unready’). 
  • In 1045, Edward married the Edith, the daughter of one of his major supporters, Earl Godwine
  • The marriage produced no children
  • He was quite fit and active and a generally nice guy
  • He bought the son his exiled brother, (Edmund Ironside), and his nephew’s family to England, possibly so that this nephew, known as Edward the Exile, could be made heir. Unfortunately, the young Edward died soon after his arrival in England.

I have come across a great source that you can have a look at if you are interested:

The death of Edward the Confessor and the conflicting claims to the English Crown



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