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Irish slavery

I wasn’t looking for anything on any sort of slavery. I was simply looking for a suitable Irish Catholic name from the 17th century that I could use for Padraig’s friend in my tale on ‘The Parting Glass” (now called Goodnight – and God be with you all). I came across a fascinating post written by a Jim Cavanaugh back in 2005 on a Race and History forum. It deals with the Irish slave trade.

I had heard that the English had sold the Irish into slavery but I had no idea the extent of it. And, to be fair, I would need to do more research on it if I was to stand behind the facts in this article. Maybe it is another idea for a story. But I thought I would post it here for you to read and undertake further research yourself if you find it interesting. So here is Irish slavery by Jim Cavanaugh.

The photo above was found on with another article called Irish Slaves – what the history books will never tell you.

Actually, note to self: story idea – Irish slavery. What a tale could be told with it!



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