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Why do I like to turn fact into fiction?

I have been asked a few times why, since I love history and research so much, I don’t just write the facts. Facts are interesting. Why not just tell it like it is?

To me, however, the facts are created by other elements – elements that are often ignored or paid scant interest in the telling of the facts. How did people react? Why? How did they feel? What was happening in the scheme of things? Too many unanswered questions. Don’t get me wrong: I do love a well-written non-fiction. But I need to translate that into someone’s life.

Take for example a story I read just the other night. It was a short story, written as fact, about a haunting. (It is irrelevant what you believe here – it’s about the style). While it was interesting, it lacked the colour and emotion it could have had if written in the fiction genre. Now those elements would have made for a great story!



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