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‘Magic We’ve Forgotten’: available in time for Christmas reading

So excited to announce that Magic We’ve Forgotten is now available for your reading enjoyment!

Here is a description of the theme behind this book:

Magic means something different in every moment, every story, and every lifetime. In this fourth anthology volume, stories delve into the world of magic-both real and fantastical-to try to define the forgotten magic in our lives. Imagination creates worlds and realities that can save our lives and give others hope. Some people have discovered such a magic through ventures of their own, and the storytellers within this book have chosen to sprinkle the magic of words among those who want a little of it in their lives, or who simply want to experience something new. Discover talking creatures and the power of a gentle, innocent soul. Learn what words can do to change lives and how they can turn others against each other. Experience life through the eyes of heroes and ordinary people who overcome the greatest of challenges with the forgotten magic in their lives.

There are eighteen stories in the anthology – with something to please everyone. I have two stories in this anthology.

The first one listed, ‘Because I Am‘, is a historical paranormal, is set in 1695 Youghal, Ireland. It tells the tale of young Brigid Cullinane and her awakening to The Call. Historical fact is spun throughout the fiction and I hope you enjoy the learning as well as the tale.

Image by Karen Nadine from Pixabay

The second story, ‘Hannah‘, is a paranormal – with a little historical thrown in. Georgina could see and hear spirits when she was young, but lost the ability as she grew up. That was until little Hannah. I initially wrote this story years ago and, when this anthology came up, I decided that it was the perfect time to bring it out again.

Image by Jo-B from Pixabay

Get your copy – either paperback or Kindle – from Amazon for a great Christmas read!

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