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Let’s be positive in our writing

I haven’t done a blog post for a while so I thought I had best get onto it. Not 100% thought (don’t you  love a cold) so I thought I would just do one of those posts that are based on sharing posts and information on similar topics.

So I went to my trusty saved Facebook pages for a start to find some good material to choose a topic. I came across a couple of posts on just how many authors don’t succeed and how many years different people have been writing and getting rejected. And, I will admit, I started that post. 

But then I thought: why would anyone want to read a group of negative articles? Sure, some people might want to. I saved them for a reason, didn’t I? But when I started reading them, all I could think was: what good is this doing me as a writer? And the answer was: nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Now, I’m not advocating putting your head in the sand, convinced that you are the next Stephen King, Philippa Gregory or whoever your favourite author is. But, if you love writing and dream of publishing – why not pursue it? If you are not doing yourself mental harm and not hurting or neglecting anyone who is important to you – where is the harm in it.

I think the secret is to find the position with your writing that keeps you happy and/or motivated. And accept that there will be times that you are discouraged. A group of like-minded people is great for this. I rely on the members of Authors’ Tale for support and inspiration when I’m feeling a bit limited as a writer. And I try to do the same for them.

Find joy in your writing. If you write, you do it for a reason. Remember what that reason is. Type it up, print it off, and put it on your wall.

And if you do feel totally miserable about being a writer, maybe it is time to look at why you want to keep going. Life is too short to be miserable for nothing.

And I bet you stick with it!



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