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Back on the horse

Well – the wheels fell off completely. I got totally swamped with all sorts of stuff and completely dropped the writing ball. I’ve already beaten myself up over it. But now it is time to analyse and do something about it.

Bindi post opFirstly, there was Bindi’s operation. Poor little poppet! She is recovering remarkably well according to the vets, which is awesome. But trying to keep her from running, going up and down stairs, jumping on and off furniture – it’s a full time job! Not to mention her sleeping with us soBindi with the cone of shame that I know she isn’t doing said jumping while we are asleep. So, I am constantly monitoring what she is doing on barely no sleep. 

And I was involved in the organisation of an event for my rescue group. And it was a far bigger job than I was expecting it to be, especially on top of the book launch of Heart of a Child organisation and the administration work I do for the group: something had to give. I opted out of the event organisation (well, sort of – I’m still doing a few little jobs for it). Made me really sad – I really wanted to do it. But, burning the candle at both ends makes me useless for everyone and everything.

Now to get back on the writing horse. And this blog is the start. But I’ve altered some about the way I was doing the blog posts too. You see, for me, even though I love to be organised, I found that dictating to myself what I was going to write when put the pressure on. I don’t really want to look for things to share: I want to share them as it feels right, not because it is Wednesday. And if I am excited about something I have written, I don’t want to wait until Friday. So I’m going back to blogging with regularity but a little less structure. I will see how that goes.

As for my three writing projects, I’m going to schedule writing time but will decide what I am writing on the day. This is my creative side: I have to work with, rather than against, it.  

rodeo-1010051_1920Hoping that I don’t fall of the horse again – but if I do, I’ll just get back up. adjust the saddle and stirrups, and get going.



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