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More elimination – for now

Organisation day again. Although I am far better organised now, and I have eliminated some things, I have still found myself struggling to fit everything in. And I don’t want to give any of it up – so what to do?

Reluctantly, I have decided to, for now at least, put competitions on the back burner. I found myself more worried about what to write for them and not what I actually wanted to write: just doesn’t make sense! So – change one for this week: one competition at a time – and that means waiting until I get results before going again.

Now to tackle getting into my writing. I now have three projects I would like to get into as well as my blog. I have to decide how to tackle these – because I want to do them all. I think the blog is the easiest to manage: write it while I’m having my morning coffee. for the projects, I think that these are my options:

  1. Choose one and go for it.
  2. Allocate time over the week for all three – and be specific
  3. Allocate time each day for all three – and be specific
  4. Do the one I feel like – but allocate a minimum amount of time to write.

For now, option four is looking good …




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