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If it doesn’t work, ditch it!

The organisation quest continues. One of my organisation goals was to increase my ‘followers’ on this blog and social media. But I found that I was spending a LOT of time concentrating on how to do that and not on what the whole idea was: constructive writing. So I have decided to give it a break for a while.

Now initially when I made this decision I thought that I had failed my objective in some way. But then I realised that I need to keep the main objective in mind -which is making sure that I have time to write.  The worrying about social media at this stage was not only taking my time away from writing but it was putting unnecessary pressure on me. Not what I need at this stage. The organisation was supposed to decrease, not increase, pressure. So, in actual fact, my decision to let the chase for followers go for a while was a good one (please don’t leave me though – and do recommend me to your friends – lol).

In the same vein, I’m going to be very picky and choosy with the competitions that I enter. I had initially decided that I would enter everything that I possibly could. But now I think that if it works, I will enter but if it doesn’t – nothing lost. Again, pressure gone, I still check for them – but I don’t feel that I need to enter them all.

So what have I achieved organisationally? Three blog entries on set themes sorted. Diary and journal entries working well. My charity work with Peggy’s Promise is as organised as it can with animals coming and going. And I have been able to spend time with family and friends – and my dog, Bindi. Still got a way to go in terms of scheduling time to work on my novels – that is next I think!



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