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The trauma of 18th century English fashion

I love history. And I love comparing the past to the present. And so many comparisons to make when it comes to fashion! I often look at the magnificent dresses and wonder what it would have been like to have worn these on a regular basis.

From the post by Madeline Raynor, in which she shares a video from  Lady Lever Art Gallery and National Museums Liverpool, England – I imagine not much fun in the 18th century, particularly for the wealthy. Nice to know that the wealthy didn’t get it all their way – although I’m sure the poor of the 18th century would gladly have put up with the dressing routine for the advantages that came with money.

This piece also gives a few other little revelations: I often wondered how Lucy Locket could lose a pocket – well, now I know!

A Re-enactment of a Wealthy Woman Getting Dressed in 18th-Century England

Love the outfit – but I think I’ll stick to jeans and T-shirt thanks!



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