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How to dress your child – colonial style

For some God-forsaken reason, I decided to write a short story in the middle of NaNoWriMo month (They tell me that I can add the words to my count anyway – but it wasn’t my intention. I wanted to work on my novel).

Anyway, I needed to know what a little girl would be wearing in colonial Australia. Details, not just perception. Came across some great little sites in my search that you might be interested in.

This first site has some wonderful photos. Thanks to the National Museum for not only looking after all these wonderful artefacts but having them online for us to see.

National Museum of Australia

I did find a photo of this gorgeous bonnet on the site, which was helpful: I was after information on headwear in particular.nma.img-ci20061597-020-wm-vs1_o3_1100

This next site was interesting but didn’t help me with dressing little girls at all – but interesting none-the-less.

Colonial Australian Dress by Rebecca (Wornthrough)

Lastly, this site, although basic, was quite good in that it gave me just enough information to confirm some of what I thought I knew – and correct one thing.

Gold Rush Babes: Children’s fashion in the 1850s

So – on to the writing! Keep your eye out for Hannah – hopefully appearing somewhere in the near future.



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