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Was all as it seemed? Victoria and Albert

Like many of you, I am enthralled with the television series Victoria. And while I know about being careful with historical accuracies on both the small and big screen, I think we are all aware that the relationship between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert is always said to have been a great and loving marriage. But in her article Victoria and Albert: a marriage of misery?, Elinor Evans paints a picture of a manipulative male who hungers to control both England and his queen.

But was this a nasty trait or a sign of the times in which they were living? Men, on the whole, were heads of their households in Victorian times. How does this work when your wife is Queen of England? To complicate matters, Albert was raised in a much more reserved atmosphere in Coberg and the contrast in England was marked. While not excusing his apparently demeaning behaviour, maybe it does provide a reason for it. 

And of course, if Victoria was happy with the way things were – does it even matter?

This article is well worth a read.



PS Photo was obtained from The History Notes

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