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The treasures you find when decluttering

As you know, my husband and I are now empty nesters. so we thought we would take the opportunity to go through the entire house: declutter, rearrange etc. Now bear in mind we have been in this house for over 17 years and the previous house over 10 years. And we both find it hard to throw things out. HUGE job – will take the rest of the year. So I’ve been busy.

But during the process, have we found some great stuff: photos we had forgotten about, memories from my parents who have sadly passed already, childhood mementoes – and some of my old university essays! So I’ve actually decided that I am, over the coming months, going to revisit some of them and get them out on here. I loved university – and I still miss it (but not the pressure that goes with it – haha). And, in some ways, it is where I rekindled my childhood love of writing. But I was raising children and working while I was studying, so any writing I did was for assignments that were due in. Thankfully, I enjoyed many of them (not all, mind you).

So if you have been putting off the declutter project, I highly recommend that you do it. Painful at times – but the rewards pay off.



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