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More research for ‘The Parting Glass’

I am finally getting back to my research for The Parting Glass after a little detour writing for an anthology submission (more on that as information comes to hand). It is a little difficult getting back to writing something, even if you find it intriguing, after a biggish break. So I needed to get back with some more research.

490px-Execution_of_thomas_armstrong_1683And I have found another Thomas Armstrong who was executed in the 1600s! Sir Thomas Armstrong was an English politician who was executed on 20th June, 1684 for high treason for his part in The Rye House Plot. In fact, he was hanged, drawn and quartered. The delightful picture on the left is a depiction of Sir Thomas Armstrong’s execution.

Too much of a coincidence for my mind: both of these men will become part of my Parting Glass story. Both men had military backgrounds as well ….. now I just have to work out how to thread the story together …. I may have bitten off far more than I can chew but I will enjoy the meal!



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