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Blogging for beginners (from a dummy blogger)

I can’t believe that I am writing a blog about writing a blog. I’m no expert, that’s for sure. Actually, I would go as far as to say that I am technically challenged (I’ve just contacted an author friend of mine to tell me what my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook addresses are).

But I think might be what makes my blog on blogging useful: you can learn along with me!

Image from theblogstarter

I found a great guide by Scott Chow on theblogstarter. There is a seven-step guide:

Get Started
Set up Your Blog
How to Use Your Blog
Customize Your Blog
Start Writing Your Blog
Promote Your Blog
How to Make Money Blogging.

There are easy links throughout to help you as well. He talks about domain names, what to look for from a web host,

One word of caution: there are, as you would expect, recommendations for sites and companies to use. Step 2, in particular, gives information specifically for a certain host company – although, to Scott Chow’s credit, he is completely upfront about that. Certainly, look at his recommendations – they have been recommended by someone with experience. But do your homework too: you need to be responsible for your decisions.

I will definitely be taking myself carefully through steps six and seven: Promote your Blog and How to Make Money Blogging. I badly need to promote my blog and I like the idea of making some money!

So once I finished going through what Google threw me on blogging for children (yep, I

admit it – when I put ‘blogging’ in and it gave me a choice of blogging for children, that was my first port of call), I went to blogging for beginners. And I found another amazing information source from Jessica Knapp. Her blog, Blogging Basics 101, is also easy to understand. In some respects, it is simpler in that everything continues on one page and you simply need to keep scrolling down.


While Jessica also promotes her favourite companies, she is also upfront about the possibility of her receiving commission if you use them. Again, take what she says on board: the information is well presented and sound. But at the end of the day, make your own decision. 

And now for the information I have worked out from various sources and tried for myself to help with getting bloggiing going (I will admit, however, that I often don’t follow my own advice – time for that to change methinks).

  1.  Trust yourself: if you can write stories, you can write blogs
  2. Be regular. Schedule blogs. That way you can write them when you think of something.
  3.  Find a group like #AuthorToolboxBlogHop. Not only will this put you on a schedule, but it will get you more followers – and you will learn a lot in the process.







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  1. I really like the idea of many money off my blog too! I’ll definitely have to look that one over carefully! Thanks for sharing. I know blogging can be really dificult for some people. My sister would be the perfect candidate for a great food and home decor blog but she really shies away from technology, which is a real shame. I may have to send her this post to see it can’t change her mind! Thanks for sharing!

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